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9 Classic Rules on How to Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman isn’t just a personality trait, it’s something of a lifestyle. To be a gentleman, you need to build a reputation that says “gentleman”. This reputation is built around respect, this can be respect for yourself, respect for those around you. It’s more than just holding the door for somebody like many think, being a gentleman is a dying art that many desire. So here are 9 classic rules on how to be a classic gentleman that will benefit your life both professionally and personally: 1.  Defining Your Personal Style A Gentleman, believe it or not, is not just a man in a suit, tie, polished shoes and a flashy watch. Nowadays a gentleman can choose any style...

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5 Reasons Why Wearing a Watch Makes You More Successful

   Some say that wearing a watch is irrelevant in todays world as we all have smartphones to check the time. Although keeping track of time is essential in today’s world, we believe that Watches do much more than just tell the time… A watch can add something to your personality, this is something smartphones can’t give you. Most people won’t like to admit this, but they tend to shuffle through their pockets looking for the phone for the time ignoring the timepiece on their wrists. How many people can actually check the time on a watch anymore? We use digital time so much now that we are out of practice, but we still buy watches. A watch may seem outdated...

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